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 Michael Sparks comes to MPG Wealth with a strong background of business ownership. In 2000, he started a synthetic lubrication consulting and distribution business. As a business owner, his understanding that businesses require adequate and flexible cashflow to maintain operations has been critical to the success of his own business. He has observed the detrimental affects of inadequate cashflow in many other businesses, especially beginning in 2008 when many businesses could not maintain operating capital with traditional banks. In many cases, just a few months or even one year of flexible cashflow could have helped that business stay afloat. Without the cashflow means to weather the storm, many businesses as well as individuals went under. If those businesses and individuals would have had their own banking system, using the Infinite Banking Concept, they could have had the ability to maximize cashflow as well as had flexible payback terms for loans and many could still be in business today. This is a primary reason Michael uses Infinite Banking in his own business and personal life, and why he’s so excited to help other businesses understand the powerful impact of Infinite Banking.
Michael’s understanding of the monetary system began back in 2007/2008 with the financial crisis that consumed the entire globe. At first he didn’t understand what was happening and he began an intensive educational search to find out what caused this crisis. “I distinctly remember listening to people like Ron Paul, Robert Murphy and Tom Woods explain the dire financial situation in a way that made sense.” He came to understand how money is created through the fractional reserve banking system and the Federal Reserve. He also became interested in alternative ways to save and invest his capital. Between 2008-2013 he continued to educate himself about Austrian Economics by reading books and research papers by authors like Henry Hazlett, Frederic Bastiat, Tom Woods, Robert Murphy, Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Thomas Delorenzo and many others. After gaining an understanding of the Austrian theory of the business cycle, he came to the conclusion that the Infinite Banking Concept is the only thing that made sense to personally secede ones self from the Federal Reserve and the inflationary affects of the fractional reserve system.
Since implementing Infinite Banking into his own personal and business life, he has been able to increase his net worth without the worry of loss of capital. Without that worry, he can now concentrate on business operations. He came on board with Mutual Producers Group (MPG) in 2014. Since then he has helped numerous clients protect their assets from loss, protect their families from financial devastation and help build multi-generational wealth – a Dynasty – for future generations. 
Michael became a Certified IBC Practioner with Nelson Nash Institute (formerly known as the Infinite Banking Institute) on January 1, 2015. After completing this rigorous training course, he now has the knowledge and tools to help clients learn how to create their own private reserve banking system and a long term financial strategy while protecting assets. 
Michael is excited to partner with MPG Wealth. The company’s business model is designed to maximize an agent’s ability to help clients in the best way possible while maintaining the agent’s independent nature. Michael understands the power of building teams of agents as well as collaboration with colleagues to enable companies (MPG) and individuals (agents) to perform at their highest levels. He is currently building a team of agents across the U.S. with the MPG Agency Model. By helping build “The 10%,” he can more effectively share the message of personal freedom, financial protection, and security to more people than doing it alone. Michael hopes you can join us as a client or as an agent.