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  • Infinite Banking – What it is and Why You Want to Know All About it By Jeffrey Milkey

    Infinite Banking – What it is and Why You Want to Know All About itBy Jeffrey MilkeyA few years back I was sitting in my wife’s broker’s office. She was selling annuities and doing quite well and we were talking about the recession and how tough things are out there for so many people. Dede’s broker Ted, asked us if we had ever heard of Infinite Banking? We both said we had not and Ted gave a little laugh and pulled out a book called “Becoming Your Own BANKER” "Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept" by R. Nelson Nash. He said...
  • A Death Sentence For Your Retirement Savings By Chuck Jaffe

    A Death Sentence For Your Retirement SavingsBy Chuck JaffeBOSTON -- Jennifer W. is a single woman in her late 40s who is worried about her investment future and puzzled by her investment past.Like many people her age, she has been encouraged to save as much as possible through individual retirement accounts and 401(k) plans in order to grow her retirement nest egg. She started doing that as early as she could, with as much money as she had. Along the way, however, there were kids, a divorce, job loss and change. Couple some financial setbacks with 10 years of market volatility...