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  • My personal realization for the need of more Life Insurance?

    A couple of weeks ago, I attended an insurance conference where a lot of good information was put out. Of course, you couldn’t start to buy every insurance product on the market. One comment though certainly resonated with me so much that I came home and put in an application for a new life insurance policy for myself. The comment was: We insure our car at face value. We insure our house at face value, but we insure ourselves for a fraction of the cost. I thought that I could buy a cheap alternative which would not have adequately taken...
  • This is Nelson Nash

    This is Nelson Nash is a Documentary about R. Nelson Nash the Founder of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). Infinite Banking is the Powerful concept of Using a Specially Designed Life Insurance Contract, to use as a Privatized Banking Lending system for families and business's. Nelson's Concept is foundational to the systems that MPGWealth implements fro our clients. Proudly we have been blessed to have been mentored by Nelson Nash and the Nelson Nash institute for 11 years. This concept of controlling the banking function in life is one of the most powerful concept to securing and building wealth. Infinite...
  • New Podcast Channel

    This Podcast Channel was created to Empower it's listeners through education. It is meant to open up a new conversation about where to store your wealth. There are several platforms that published my channel; click the platform you wish to use. Anchor,  Google Podcast, Spotify, Breaker, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Stitcher. 
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  • About Jake Chesney

    “Jake Chesney has been doing Infinite Banking personally and teaching it to others…in it’s present format…longer than anybody in the United States because he was the first and only licensed agent in my pilot group when I was organizing the message back in the 1990′s!”…. R. Nelson NashI’ve been married since 1995 to Betsy, have 3 children at home, and am a full-time husband & father who prays for my alignment of priorities to be “God-Family-Friends & Neighbors” ahead of “busyness” in other mundane things.I finished my formal education at Wheaton College in 1995. I seek to honor God, create...