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This is Nelson Nash

This is Nelson Nash is a Documentary about R. Nelson Nash the Founder of the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). Infinite Banking is the Powerful concept of Using a Specially Designed Life Insurance Contract, to use as a Privatized Banking Lending system for families and business’s. Nelson’s Concept is foundational to the systems that MPGWealth implements fro our clients. Proudly we have been blessed to have been mentored by Nelson Nash and the Nelson Nash institute for 11 years. This concept of controlling the banking function in life is one of the most powerful concept to securing and building wealth.

Infinite Banking allows money to be multiplied generation to generation.
IBC allows money held in a policy to grow Tax Deferred.
IBC allows Money to have Non Restricted access to use and control.
IBC allows money to be used at any time through loan provisions Tax free.
IBC allows money to be spent through withdrawals then loans Tax Free for retirement.
Ibc allows all money not spent in a lifetime to pass Tax Free to Beneficiaries or Heirs with a multiplied value.

Nelson Nash’s Legacy will continue on through Well trained and Certified Practitioners of the Nelson Nash Institute.

We Love you and Miss you Nelson Nash (Rest In Peace). We are celebrating the Blessing of knowing your love for the Lord Jesus and the knowledge that you are with him in this time, until we see you again.